Thursday, August 25, 2011

Project: ME

With this week's earth quake, stories left and right of people evacuating their office buildings due to impending disaster, and extreme hurricanes hitting the East Coast by Saturday night, I have started to think about my life and where I am . I've been doing that A LOT lately- I pause what I'm doing, for what seems to be just a minute and think about what I've done, what I'm going to do, what I should have done and what Bear Grylls would do in order to survive an earthquake and any situation life throws at you. (end pause-2 hours later.)

I've been really thinking about happiness lately and things that are important to me. If I were to die tomorrow would I die Happy? Satisfied with what I've done thus far or would I ask for more time?
I'd ask for more fucking time of course because the only thing that I've done well in my life has been my son. My career didn't go as planned, my marriage didn't work out, I'm not seeing anyone and the list goes on and on.

But all these things did happen and I still haven't asked myself if I'm happy or ask what's really important to me and it's because I'm afraid of the answer. I'm afraid of the little voice in the back of my head whispering "what if I've failed?" or "what if I continue to fail?"

I am letting you all know that aside from my son, I AM NOW THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO ME!
So from this moment on I am starting a new project- ME. I will dedicate time to me, idolize me, work on me until I am so damn happy I will burst. Now I'm not aiming for perfection just progress...

How will I do this? I don't fucking know but...Dr. Rick Hanson does. He says that I should:

 A. KNOW MY PURPOSE I LIFE: I believe that this is like a mission statement. Write it down using positive words or phrases. This should not be a list of things you need to improve on but instead a positive statement that can be shared or kept private. Oh yes and it can change whenever you want.

B. CLARIFY MY PRIORITIES: Make a list of things that are important to in order to identify what you are aiming for like Health, Love, Wealth, Family etc. Really focus and visualize these things in your mind, reflect and read your list to yourself often in order to allow their importance to draw you in their direction.

C. PUT BIG ROCKS IN BUCKET FIRST: It's very easy to dedicate too much time to things that are not on our priority list or are not important but still necessary to do. Try to fit in one of your priorities during these times. For example, Dr. Hanson suggests that if we spend a long time commuting to work, perhaps we could listen to a meditation tape or pay attention to your breathing while doing the dishes.

D. STAY FOCUSED ON PRIORITIES: It's easy to loose focus on your personal priorities when their is a lot going on in your personal life or at work or with your relationships. Keeping in mind what is priority to you will allow you to handle situations without allowing distractions to take place.

E. TAKE CARE OF MYSELF: This is pretty self explanatory. You come first, you can't help your loved ones if your shit is totally out of whack. A little meditation or reflection can go a long way before you start your day.

Meditation, it's better than sitting around doing nothing.

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