Tuesday, August 9, 2011

WHAT THE EFF-Rub My Belly (Adding to the List)

In trying to keep up with my list of fears and overcoming them, I remembered that there is one other fear I forgot to add..


For the longest time I've wanted to start something of my own whether it's just a creative outlet or it actually grows into something lucrative; we'll see where it goes and maybe I'll have a link to my very own shop in the future :)

But I wanted to share a few pics of the what could be the beginning of something really really great for me that for now keeps me sane.
Working with my hands brings me lots of joy 

but then #4 from my list pops into my head and I stop working, pursuing, wanting, etc. or I come up with yet another fear to add to my list:

12. RUNNING OUT OF TIME (whether it's during the day or something taking to long to take off).
I will keep thinking positively though and keep my fingers crossed.

What do you guys do as a creative outlet or just to decompress??

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