Wednesday, July 27, 2011

EXHALE 4...5...6

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day in NJ. It was a bright clear sky with the sun shining even brighter against it's blue back drop. BUT, It all came to a screeching halt in a matter of 300 seconds. That's it, that's all it took to ruin an other wise perfect day- 5 whole minutes for an irate person to scream at me over the most insignificant thing in the world- A Parking Spot!

I of course entered defense mode instantly and fired back. Although I was glad that I defended myself, that nasty feeling stayed with me for a long while. The idiot went along his day without a care in the world while I sat at my cubicle feeling like crap. The Fight or Flight instinct was so strong and it left me with a pit in my stomach and I couldn't shake it- not at least until I decided to make a conscious effort to release that negative energy (easier said than done).

I sat in my chair surrounded by all the office lights, phones ringing, and people talking, trying to keep still and quiet my mind. I took a deep breath holding it in for a bit and slowly releasing all the negative force that threatened to stay with me. I took another breath, slightly closing my eyes and imagining everything dark and quiet. Well it was a start at least- it would take me a few more "quick meditation" sessions today to let the ugly feelings go but eventually they did.

I really think that meditation is something I have to practice everyday- It seems that more and more I need to take "deep breaths" in order to deal with people these days. Is it me???

I would suggest to anyone that is thinking of meditation for beginners to look into a class or a group course under the guidance of an experienced teacher . I would also tell you to be patient with yourself- it's harder than it looks so don't get discouraged. Lastly, continuity is probably more important than anything else; 5-10 minutes everyday is better than a 1/2  an hour once a week. Before you know it, meditation will become as essential as that morning cup of coffee.

-Find a quiet place.
-Make sure you are not too tired, early morning is generally said to be the best time.
-Sit comfortably; most people like a cushion under their behind.
-The room is best not too warm or cold.
-Wear loose clothing.

-Keep the back straight,whether you sit on your but or on a chair, this is very important.
-Try to be comfortable and physically relaxed, and avoid moving too much.
-Keep your head straight, slightly bent forward.
-Keep your eyes have open but if you prefer to close them that's fine for now.
-Try breathing through your belly; not breathing with the chest.

- Be relaxed but at the same time awake and attentive: I Find this to be very hard!
- Be aware of your own mind and thoughts.

-Give yourself a set time for meditation and try to stick to it- whether it's 10 minutes or 1/2 hour.
-Be consistent

You may feel discomfort in the beginning especially in the legs but don't worry it does get better. If the discomfort in your legs is too much then choose another pose or slowly move your legs while still keeping in mind your breathing.

I hope meditation brings you as much peace and joy that it has brought me, especially for the quick sessions I need at my office, I mean cubicle.



Monday, July 25, 2011

Inhale 1...2...3

Over the past 8 years I have been involved in martial arts, yoga and most importantly meditation. Martial arts and yoga, I embraced as a form of exercise rather than an art until I fell deeply in love with the art aspect of it.  I became obsessed with my Tae Kwon Do training perhaps hoping that it would fill a void I was feeling. I felt empowered, indestructible and alive. With the teachings of physical power came the fundamental teachings of meditation.

Meditation was something I did not embrace immediately- I just couldn't do it right. My mind would wander without delay, replaying all of the day's events. I would go over my unfinished to do lists and how I would tackle them the next day. I really wanted to give up but something kept telling me to keep at it. I would say that it took me about 6 months to notice that I could actually sit for 30 min. without a single thought in my head while breathing deeply.  I cannot express to you in an adequate way how much meditation has helped me but It Has!

To those of you who may think that Meditations is hokie or a religious practice- I can only say that it's neither but... I can say that there are extensive benefits of meditation and here I list but a few:


If you want to learn more about meditation you can contact or visit my great friends at So Shim Sa
Zen Center in Warren, NJ or check them out here.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hi Everyone,
It's finally Friday and it's another blistering day here in the East Coast. Even with this heat a girl has to look her best, right?

I know that it's practically the end of July but I wanted to bring you all a few options for those non-stop shoe shoppers like me who are always looking for something to wear other than just flip flops. One trend for Spring/Summer 2011 that has been the most prominent is the wedge. I have seen this sandal in every store and on everyone, from espadrilles to jute, to cork, to wood and even leather or vinyl wedge. Not only does this shoe give the leg an elongated sexy look but it provides support and height without killing your feet. Of course, who wouldn't want to have designer beauties caressing their feet but there is no need to break the bank to look absolutely fabulous. Here is a list of a few high end wedges I love- BUT when you're a Girl On A Budget my 6 thru 10 options are just as lovely. Check out option 6- at these prices you can buy a new pair for every weekend!

HIGH END                                                                                 
1.RACHEL ZOE: $375.00                                                      
2.PRADA: $425.00                                                                 
3.TAHITI SUEDE WEDGE: $850.00                                    
4.STUART WEITZMAN:$365.00                                         
5.JIMMY CHOO: $425.00                                                   

6. IF CARRINI: $12.00 (Found these at the Square One Shoe Store in Northern NJ)
7. STEVE MADDEN $50.00 (These are almost identical to the Stuart Weitzman pair #4)
10. SM:$60.00

Don't forget to shop sales at your favorite stores or online (here and here)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

...And The Celebration Continues!

Today is my 40th birthday and I woke up feeling great. It's an oven here in the Garden State so all intentions for having a great hair day and flawless make-up really went down the drain. The more make-up I applied, the more ran down my face. The beads of sweat on my upper lip formed a clear mustached that rivaled any Mexican cowboy. So off to work I went- late again, with a natural "smugged" eyeshadow look and my feeble attempt at a messy chic bun.
The fruit salad that caused my lateness was a hit, along with the bagels and veggie cream cheese.
Coming home was even entire family waiting for me with birthday wishes and Carvel ice cream cake. Sweeeeeet!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 1

So today is July 18, 2011: the Eve of my 40th birthday!!!! It's also the first day of my new blog. I decided to create a blog just to share some of my favorite things. I have been in the Fashion industry for almost 20 years and have been contemplating starting my own business for quite sometime now. I had a bridal business right after I graduated college but it went bust after 1 year. Now, with my knowledge and "maturity" I really wanted to start something with jewelry- so... We will see what this 4Oth Spring shall bring.
I am into a lot of different things, zen meditation, yoga, martial arts, art,etc. So I will be posting about everything and anything that crosses my path! I hope you enjoy this as much as I'll enjoy writing it.
For now, I celebrate myself, all of my accomplishments and my future endeavors with a little ice cream:)